Property Value – A Good Crawlspace Inspection

A crawl space is the primary choice for property construction in some places. In other places, installation of a concrete slab is the norm. If a property has a crawl space, good crawlspace inspection is very important when buying or selling it.

Bad or Good? A crawlspace can be a detriment or an asset for a property. It basically depends on how it is built, finished and maintained. A properly built and maintained crawlspace adds value to a property. However, if you don’t maintain the crawlspace properly, it will hurt the value of your property and its livability. A crawlspace allows better access of the electrical utilities and the plumbing system from underneath the building. This makes their repair and maintenance easier. However, if the plumbing in the crawlspace leaks, other problems emerge.

Cooling and Heating: If the crawlspace is open, it will hinder airflow control. This will make cooling and heating difficult or more expensive. As such, this will affect property value negatively. However, when a crawlspace is insulated properly, it makes cooling and heating more efficient. It also reduces the cost of cooling and heating a property. Therefore, a crawlspace should be sealed with the right ventilation to enhance energy efficiency and improve airflow in a property.

Finishing Spaces: Poor finishing of a crawlspace can make it harbor moisture. And this will make a property damp and eventually cause mold problems. Properties that have dirt are particularly vulnerable to water or moisture problems that lead to mold growth. This affects the value of a property negatively. To prevent this, a crawlspace should be equipped with a moisture barrier. Proper materials should also be used to prevent moisture buildup. This is very important and it reduces rot in the wooden beams and joists. Basically, crawlspace inspection is very important when buying or selling a property. It enables you to determine the best value of the property that you want to purchase depending on the crawlspace condition. Click here for more info.